Outdoor Broadcast Antenna

Model Number: 41-1011

Scope of Work

With this InstallCard a professional installer will mount an outdoor broadcast antenna to the roof or side of a standard construction residence using brackets and mounts supplied by the customer/antenna manufacturer. The antenna will be adjusted to receive the best possible signal strength from the local broadcast stations. The signal cable will be routed along the outside of the structure to connect to the “Head End” of existing coax cabling or to a single point or room in the home. The signal cable will be connected to an existing digital TV or tuner and tested for picture clarity which may include channel scanning on the TV or tuner. If there are multiple TVs connected to existing wiring up to three will be tested. Customer supplied in-line signal amplifiers will be connected if necessary. Product packaging will be cleaned up and removed, all wiring will be neatly run.


(situations where extra charges may apply at time of installation)